Wednesday, August 13, 2008

21st Street Co-Op

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"The 21st Street Co-op, commonly compared to a treehouse, is a clothing-optional student housing cooperative in Austin, Texas housing 100 residents. It is part of the NASCO co-op system. . . The residents of the 21st Street Co-op are affectionately referred to as Motherf***ers."

So. We left New Orleans. Bourbon street can only be related to something from the Bible. Something filled with adultery, boozing, gluttony, and humidity. It's fucking awesome. Every town needs something where we can all get our sinning on. Or at least have a cigarette Vending Machine. $4 body shots and transvestite bars blare down your throat and you want to just drink it all in. There is only so much a boy who doesn't even smoke hookah can handle.

10 hours later we arrived in Austin. We crashed at a friend's house and decided to search for a hostel the next morning. Humidty is still the theme on our adventure and has yet to stop breathing down our necks and telling us how pretty we smell. We walked down 21st street and walked into something that looked like. . .well. . . it could be a Hostel. A kid doing dishes tells us It is not a hostel, but a Co-Op dorm for college kids. . . and points us to a direction where we may get help. We sigh. . .and continue walking. But no more than a few seconds, the kid runs after us and tells in a nut shell. . ."Fuck it, you're staying with us"

Already, walking through the middle of the place we can smell a different odor. A metaphorical odor. . . Kids here are just darling. Nice, forgiving, welcoming, and work together for a purpose. College Kids are running a dorm themselves. Taking turns cooking, cleaning, fixing the broken shit, and breaking the none broken shit. . . . then fixing it again. Oh. . . it's also clothing optional. The first day I already saw weiner. Hell yes. Oh, it was the Chef's too. They fed us and parties with us. The accepted us as their own and are helping us rest and eat while we prepare for a long 18 hour . . 2 day drive home. We loved it here so much we actually are crashing on the couches a second night. Well worth the decision for Capture the flag games have brought back memories of times that didn't suck as much as they do while you're older. So. None of these pictures are mine. So don't yell at me people from the Daily Texan.

But Austin is treating us well, especially since this is the last couple days of our lengthy journey. The fucking Anecdotes we will have. . . You kids ever seen a guy go in the rafters and piss in his own mouth??

The fucking anecdotes.

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