Saturday, August 9, 2008

Andrew WK broke my Camera.

Hahaha. And this is the picture I took to see if it still works. Sad to say, Once I hit Mississippi, the Camera went super dead. But. New York was pretty awesome. What was even better, Andrew WK's apartment. Not only is this cat the nicest, sweetest, most awesomely bad ass guy ever. . . . He's as beautiful in person as he is on the television. Walking in on the interview, he automatically was more interested in us, then it seemed we were of him. He wanted to know everything about us. He gave us words of wisdom and advice that chilled me. He talked of love, positivity, life, death, Evil Dead the musical, and the greatest band ever, Manowar. He gave us ice water, we got to check out the view in his Times Square apartment, meet his wife. . . and he gave us autographed LPs of Close Calls to Brick Walls.

But he still dropped my Camera.

And offered to buy me a new one.

Andrew WK wanted to buy me a new camera. Haha. I didn't accept of course, but he did invite us to his night club. And I did get to see him out of his regular white pants/white shirts outfit. And didn't even recognize him. Not only is he super nice, he is really to himself and loves alone time and just hanging out. And all his songs about partying. . . really is about just being positive and happy.

Anyways. After New york we drove to Tennessee and hung out with my redneck cousins. Then more Redneck cousins in Mississippi, then even red necker cousins in the delta of Mississippi. I'm sorry. But this blog is incredibly boring. Not only do I not really have a ton of pictures, but I am in New Orleans and more tired than something that is super tired all the time. I don't know. . . a sloth or something. Make your own damn metaphor. I quit.

Lucky Sloth.


-Erich "2 Tired 2 Handle" WK!!

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