Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Day with Jeff Rosenstock.

Well. We hit Maine. We Hit Lobster Fest. And All I got with this Silly picture. But heck. It rained like hell and we got $16 awesome Maine lobster. The actual Fair wasn't as glamorous and beautiful as the postcards made it. There weren't any Lobster Bikini Babes feeding me that delicious white sea faring meat out of silver forks. And there were no mermaids singing me Siren songs. But it was still kinda, somewhat, not really, ugh. . . worth it. I reaked of lobster for two days. I guess that's cool. I guess. We were lucky enough to go to Portland and realize there was no where to sleep. Making a few phone calls we found a place to crash with a family we never met. But they were awesome. They fed us, let us use their shower, gave us beds, and I'm sure would have offered bed time stories of lobster catching, having New England accents, and other things that relate to everyday Maine life. But we were tired. And we fell asleep.

The next day though. . . that was a different story.
We wake up to blue skies. Blue lakes, and blue berries. Or how the New Englander's pronounce. . Boo Burry. They remind me of a cross between Mayor Quimby and JFK. It's awesome. The owner of the house took us out on the boat, we water skiied, canoed, and swam in warm lake water.

So the next day we slept in Jersey. The end.

The day after that though. . . We made it to New York!! Upon entering this awesome city, The toll booth lady called me an asshole for no apparent reason. A breath of fresh air. But today was awesome. We got to do our third interview for this Road Trip Nation deal. And it was one of the ones I was most excited for. It was with Jeff Rosenstock. He is a manly man who heads Bomb the Music industry, and used to be the leader of Arrogant Sons of Bitches. I was so nervous. Would he be an asshole. . . rendering my BTMI tattoo completely irrelevent? We entered his third story apartment and him and his girlfriend were cooking vegan sausage, gravy, and grits. He goes. . . "Hey! You guys eaten yet?"
"Um. . . no not really. ."
"Well. . . want some food?"
We nodded, and we ate. He is the most awesome person. Especially because he doesn't really view himself as a rock star or something more than he really is. Or anyone is really, a person. He is so down to earth. We talked music, joked, played Mario Kart on the wii and had an amazing interview. He then brought up that he was going to see the Black Lips for free in the middle of Brooklyn. We jumped the oppurtunity to hang out with him some more and agreed to an amazing show. My first day in New York, and I already get to hang out with one of my heros, watch an amazing free show, and get to eat amazing Vegan food twice. Currently I'm in my hostel in Harlem and a Crack Head entered the premises, went into someone's room and stole their wallet.

God. The air is so fresh.

Tomorrow we Interview Andrew WK.

And today. Are some pictures.

-erich "i left my heart in montreal" beckmann.

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Sofia Tutu said...

this was entertaining. will you be my ghostwriter once im famous


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